Together Working for Inclusion at School

The TWINS project, which ran over 2 years (2018-2019), aimed to support schools' choice to adopt an intercultural point of view in order to assume diversity as a paradigm of identity to open the whole school system to all diversities.

One of the main goals of the project was the integration of all students in the school, promoting a more inclusive environment.

Numerous sub-projects were developed by all partner entities, adapting the content to their realities and needs.

JdB's contribution has been through the promotion of the Okupa Tempos Livres, the creation of the Give Me a Break initiative at D. Carlos I School, in partnership with the Sintra Voluntary Fire Department, the training of the Operational Assistants of the entire D. Carlos I School Grouping and as a training entity of the Sintra Youth Volunteering Program.


  • Romania;
  • Greece
  • Italy;
  • England;
  • Portugal