Innovation Jam Tools and Spaces to Innovate in Youth Work

O TCA Innovation Jam decorreu entre 15 e 19 de janeiro de 2024 e contou com participantes de 13 países diferentes.

Migrants Inclusion Into the Education System

O IA Migrants Inclusion Into the Education System decorreu entre 12 e 18 de maio de 2023 e contou com participantes de 6 países diferentes e trainers da Lituânia e Iraque.

The Power of Non-Formal Education Adult Education

TCA The Power of Non-Formal Education Adult Education took place between January 29 and February 3, 2023 and had participants from 18 different countries and 3 trainers from Portugal, France and Italy.


The GO PLAY Training Course took place between November 26 and December 4, 2022, with participants from Latvia, Italy, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Morocco, Poland, Hungary, Palestine, and Portugal.

STEP - Support Distance Training and Education in Prison

The Transnational Project Meeting STEP took place April 18-22, 2022 in Granada, Spain, where entities from Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal were present.


30 youth workers from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Lithuania, Poland, and Italy gathered for the "(SO)lidary" Course that took place November 8-14, 2021 at the Eco hotel Zdravetz in Bulgaria.

TWINS - Together Working for Inclusion at School

The TWINS project ran over 2 years (2018-2019) and included partners from Romania, Greece, Italy, England and Portugal.


Erasmus+ supports internships abroad for students currently enrolled in higher education institutions at bachelor's, master's or doctoral levels and recent graduates. 

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