Since 2015, Janela das Brincadeiras is the managing entity of AAAF/CAF (Family Support Components) in the Escultor Francisco dos Santos School Grouping, in Fitares, Sintra.

It has a highly professional team and the Pedagogical Coordination led by Lucrécia Alves.

Since 2020, Janela das Brincadeiras is also the managing entity of the Extracurricular Activities (AEC) in the same School Grouping.



Since its foundation, JdB has been involved in numerous educational projects.

Okupa Tempos Livres, a project carried out by the Sintra City Council in which JdB not only actively participated with animators in the locations, but was also the entity responsible for the Training of the project's Monitors.

Sala COOLClube de Ocupação Lúdica - aimed at 2nd and 3rd grade students, JdB presents itself to School Groups in a logic of extending the answers to other age groups and potentiate the non-formal education, the basis of the Association.

Academias ES+, a recent project that JdB participated in at the Escultor Francisco dos Santos School Grouping, during the summer of 2020 and that will most likely be replicated in other periods in the future.

Among many other educational projects in which Janela das Brincadeiras has been or is involved.


Another project that Janela das Brincadeiras will start very soon. Taking advantage of the know-how of the vast team of animators, many of them students or professionals related to Education and Childhood, we believe we have excellent conditions to invest in a service of this nature with great sense of responsibility and high professionalism.


Still under construction, JdB plans to start another educational service.                        At its head office, in the Lourel area, JdB will provide a multidisciplinary room for Explanations and School Support. A new service, that we will soon give the deserved prominence.